We help bring financial success to you by ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​educating and advising you on cyrptocurrencies.


Myriad Global Ltd was founded in October 2015 by Rakesh and Priya Gohel. An idea, dream that started 25years ago is now a reality. Great minds have quoted Thoughts become things, Rakesh and Priya aspired to become unemployable by the time they turned 40 years old. This was slightly delayed however this became their reality when they were 43 and 41 respectfully.

A company that cares and nurtures its organisation which is spread over 25 countries.

The company and the couple pride themselves developing people, coaching and mentoring and enhancing belief to get the best out of people. Not just for us but more importantly for the individuals concerned.

The Digital landscape has transformed our thinking and our ability to do business in a very sophisticated manner.

They provide solutions to problems, rather than excuses. Myriad Global’s company ethos is ‘Serve and you Deserve’. Encapsulating what Myriad Global stands for, to help bring financial success to ‘a countless or extremely great number of people’ by being present to educate, support and mentor our new clients.

Myriad Global as a company, consists of Crypto Mining, Trading, Exchange and Gaming Operations. Since 2015, Myriad Global has over 30,000 clients in over 80 countries and has generated over $3 Million Business Volume with a forecast to achieve $6 Million Business Volume for 2017/18.​​​​​​​

Our ethos/mission statement revolves around the 4 D’s:

1. Decision

2. Discipline

3. Desire/Delight

4. Digital



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Avinash & Darren, Lakshmi Brothers Ambassadors  

In August 2015 found a beautiful angel and sister. She is a great testimony to woman power, growing an Empire and at the same time looking after her amazing family. I am so proud of Priya and the Gohel Family of what they doing in the Crypto Networks Industry. She will always stand up fighting with her firm beliefs and at same time being cheeky. As I said at the weekend I will die for her as she makes me complete as a brother and helps me work harder as I will not stop until she is successful.

Priya is more than a Diamond. She is a Superstar.

Avinash & Myself are proud of her and her husband Rakesh, and both are assets to our family organisation. Together we will go to the next level and break more industry records. No other company or leadership can match us right now because nothing can break the love and the force of a brother and sister and overall family. Many have tried but failed.

Well Done Sis you deserve this and a lot more. Continue to inspire the world xxxx

Ikenna Umeizudike, Modesty Group

Priya and Rakesh are a unique set of couple I have come to admire and learn a lot from. Their synergy, team spirit, and dedication to supporting each other is unbelievable, and amazing.

Besides being a good team, they are almost perfect individuals, understanding their individual strengths, and doing a lot to improve upon it.

Their commitment to helping others explains why they are so successful in what they do, and they do that with such grace, smile, tenderness, and unimaginable humility. Helping people is like a tonic to them, they look addicted to it, that whenever the opportunity comes, they religiously pursue it to the point that you even wonder why they are so zealous about it, and in the end, you only realise it’s a natural habitat for them.

Having benefited from their mentorship, I couldn’t have asked for better role models, and mentors, and they inspire me to pursue my dreams with so much vigour, and I’ll forever be grateful to them for being there for me at all times.

Keep it up guys, you’re going places.



As consultants, Myriad Global mentors, coaches and transforms individuals into entrepreneurs from all over the globe.

We cater for our clientele, whether it be: 1 to 1 Personal Coaching/Training, Group Coaching/Training, Large Audience Coaching/Training Events, Online Coaching/Training, Myriad Global is able to provide.

Our Niches Include:

- Global Sales

- Crypto Mining 


- Crypto Trading

- Forex Exchange

- Gaming/Betting/Casino/E-Sports ​​​​​​​

Global Leadership - 

Global Sales and Marketing - 

Global Education - 

Support for Large Global Organisation - 

Strategists and Advisers  - 

 ​​Global Mentors and Speakers - 



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